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Legal Defense That Makes Sense

Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, Culbertson Law is ready to meet your needs in family law, criminal defense and other general legal concerns with a sensible strategy that is tailored to your case needs. 

You Deserve the Best, Affordable Defense

No matter your situation, when it comes to the law, you need an experienced attorney who has your back. 


But bigger law firms can be financially out of reach. You need a lawyer, but you don’t want to lose your savings in the process. 

Culbertson Law


We have the confidence and experience necessary to deliver the results.   Our small town integrity means we value and respect people over profits. 

At Culbertson Law we offer packages tailored to your particular needs. This transparent pricing allows you to know exactly what your fees will be at each stage of the representation.
Family Focused Counsel

Some law firms give advice based on the bottom line: their profits. Not here. We are passionate about providing the best counsel for you and your situation. We won’t tell you what you want to hear – we will tell you what you need to hear. 

Every case matters - especially yours

The criminal justice system is complex and confusing.  My unique experience defending clients against a variety of criminal charges from simple traffic offenses to serious felonies will benefit you as we navigate your case together. 

Having jury trial experience is incredibly important, and not every lawyer is comfortable in front of a jury.  With Culbertson Law you get a lawyer who is experienced and confident in a court of law.  

Legal work, like many professions, is in many ways a relationship business.  The relationships Culbertson Law has established both within and outside of the legal profession will be beneficial to your case.  

Children are not carrots to be dangled or prizes to be won.  I will work hard for you but will never use a child as a pawn or leverage point in a case.   

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We meet to discuss your case specifics, and agree on a pricing package that fits your specific needs. No more overspending just to call a lawyer


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You provide the first level of documents and information for us to plan the next action steps to move your case forward towards success